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Plant Health Care

Dedicated to the Preservation of Trees

Plant Health Care

Plants and trees need a healthy environment to thrive, just like humans do.

Plant Health Care (PHC) in its broadest terms is a holistic approach to keeping your entire landscape healthy, lush and beautiful, using the most environmentally-friendly practices possible. Each property should have its own plant health care program based on its environmental makeup which includes existing plants and diseases, insects and diseases transferred from implants and animals, soil composition and erosion, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area, construction, climate, sun, wind, drainage patterns and much more.

We offer the following plant health care services:

Our Service Area

Our service area includes Western Massachusetts, Northwestern Connecticut and the adjacent Eastern New York counties of Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Albany and Rensselaer. Our crews have also worked as far as Central Park in New York City, on Cape Cod and the Island of Nantucket.