Arborist Consultations

Haupt Certified Arborists provide a variety of consultation services to assist clients in maintaining their landscape including plant and property analysis as well as casualty loss appraisals.

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Plant Diagnosis

Haupt Tree Company arborists can provide expert diagnosis of your insect and disease problems affecting your plants and trees and recommend safe, effective control programs.

Pre-Construction Planning

To preserve existing trees on construction sites, recommendations are made by one of our certified arborists to minimize the damaging impact of construction activity on mature trees that a client wishes to preserve.

Tree Inventory

We can create detailed inventories and management strategies to allow for the creation of plant health care programs to maintain and preserve your landscape.

Casualty Loss Appraisal

In situations where a client has lost or had plants damaged due to a storm, accident or wrongful cutting of trees, we will provide plant appraisals to determine plant value.

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